Podcast Scheduling Update + Coming Soon: Guest Interview with Dinesh Shamdasani!

For February, March, & potentially April we will have only one in-depth Silk Celluloid Podcast on Castbox.fm, along with a few Special Guest Interviews with China Insiders.

By Publisher

February, 2019.

Our Editor-at-Large, and Writer / Researcher / Host of the Silk Celluloid Podcast on Castbox.fm Ryan Carroll will be working with the State of Arkansas; in both Fayetteville, home of the University of Arkansas, and Little Rock, the State’s capital.

As a result of this, our bi-monthly podcast will decrease from two episodes per month to one. With the exception of a Special Guest Interview podcast featuring Dinesh Shamdasani, the former CEO / COO of Valiant Entertainment (Comics) in our inaugural guest podcast.

Dinesh will discuss Valiant Comics’ rise to become the third biggest superhero shared universe, behind on Marvel & DC Comics in less-than ten years. Leading up to the relationship Valiant Entertainment forged with Chinese media conglomerate DMG Entertainment, who made its name as the Chinese equity investor in Marvel’s Iron Man 3. A company that has an American company due to one of its founder, Dan Mintz, hailing from New York, but one that is truly Chinese in nature.

Another upcoming Podcast Guest will be China Specialist Shaun Rein author of best seller, War for China’s Wallet. 

Other Guest Podcasts will feature specialist inside and outside the periphery of the broad Chinese entertainment-tech, box-office, gaming, and ACGN markets. The timeframe for Guest Podcast and frequency has yet to be determined.

Our Editor-at-Large has also discussed with our staff on doing “MiniCast Episodes” for the Castbox.fm podcast. This will allow for a continuous stream of content for all of our China Watchers here @SilkCelluloid.com!

Silk Celluloid MiniCasts will fall under the 15 minute mark in length, compared to our normal 20-30 min timeframe of our normal podcasts. MiniCasts will also be more “off-the-cuff” and will contain less research time in their preparation.

The time spent on research, preparation, and writing the podcast outlines takes more time than one would think and the reason why we are currently a bi-monthly podcast publisher, and not a weekly one.

Yes, our Editor-at-Large does keep an outline in front of him while he records each episode, along with doing research on that podcast’s episode, in order to be as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Since, as all China Watchers know: six-months can translate into an eternity, in the terms of China’s speed on new tech developments and what netizens find chic!

We appreciate all of our China Watcher’s patience in these coming months, while we continue to provide as thorough, informative, and exciting Silk Celluloid Podcast from SilkCelluloid.com hosted on Castbox.fm!

Stay Tuned China Watchers! Same Celluloid Time, Same Silk Channel!