‘Captain Marvel’​ Will Continue Female Superhero Dominance in China

With Alita: Battle Angel dropping this weekend, it will have a couple of weekends until the MCU’s Captain Marvel dominates the stage.

By Ryan Carroll, Editor-at-Large

February, 2019.

I agree with Scott Mendelson‘s article from the end of last year, that projecting Captain Marvel to be the MCU’s next $1BnUSD hit may be more detrimental to the film’s outcome, if it comes in below that.

Black Panther hit that mark, not just because it was a cultural phenom for African-Americans, but it also checked off several other crucial boxes to draw in crowds beyond its initial first two weeks. Beyond the fact that it was the *cough* “first black superhero”.

Black Panther was not just an introduction to a male black superhero but gave us, not one, but three female superheroes in the form of Shuri, Okoye, and Nakia. With a compelling villain to go on top. It also provided cultural phenominon in the form of Wakanda itself.

Black Panther’s draw had several aspects going for it, that Captain Marvel may not have.

I would not be surprised if Captain Marvel broke $1Bn, *cough* Iron Man 3 did, but I err on the side of caution that it will not. Unless it is an exceptional overall movie.

I will make one prediction: Captain Marvel will have a similar box-office run as three other heavy female superhero flicks in China:

  • Wonder Woman — $90.5MMUSD
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp— $121MMUSD
  • Black Panther — $105MM

So, as you can see – In China Female Superheroes Are Box-Office Gold.

I believe that Captain Marvel will perform on the higher end of these successful female superhero led films in China next year. If it does come in and perform around the $100–115MM mark, that is the average for MCU films in China, I am willing to say right here: many pundits will refer to it as a disappointment at the China box-office because of it.

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About the Author
Born and raised in the Missouri-Ozarks Ryan studied Film Production, and East Asian Culture, at the University of Kansas where he was a UGRA recipient that led him on a seven-year long, Journey From the West, to China. Where he worked with Warner Brothers, the China Film Group Corp. and the National Bureau of Statistics of China. Before returning to the States, where he specializes in Chinese Anime & Comics, China’s Box-Office, and Chinese entertainment-tech industries. He has a dog in China, Abigail, and a dog in the Arkansas-Ozarks, King Blue, who help ease his anxiety of suffering from the “Two-Dimensional Complex” that is trying to understand the Culture Industry landscapes of the Middle Kingdom.