Will Kamala Khan’s ‘Ms. Marvel’ Powers Derive From Chloe Zhao’s ‘The Eternals’ in the MCU?

The In-Development Marvel Cinematic Universe Film ‘Ms. Marvel’​ Movie Will Be More Important Than ‘Captain Marvel’​ or ‘Wonder Woman’​

By Ryan Carroll, Editor-at-Large

July, 2019.

Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel will be the most important superhero of modern day diversity to ever hit the big screen – SORRY Wonder Woman. SORRY Black Panther. SORRY Captain Marvel, and we haven’t even seen your movie yet.

Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel is a:

  • a female superhero
  • a person of color – South Asian (Pakistani)
  • an immigrant
  • a person of a faith / non-white American Christian. SORRY Superman, I mean Jesus….
  • a Muslim
  • a marginalized immigrant – up against Trump’s Baby Jails & For-Profit Concentration Camps
  • a female person of color
  • a child of immigrants
  • an American-Muslim
  • not a white man, or even a white woman

Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel represent that which is the American Dream, something that superheroes are designed to innately represent and protect.

Beyond this, there is no real need to present a drawn out represented thesis of why this argument is true – it is intrinsically so.

To say the least there has been some amazing, recent, representation of diversity in the Superhero Genre as see with Wonder Woman, then Black Panther, and finally Captain Marvel over performed domestically and internationally, in some territories better than others, and in the cases of WW and Captain Marvel they were incredibly successful at the China Box-Office. While Black Panther played like a normal MCU movie, albeit some very “weirdly racist” comments on Weibo.

With Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel, an Asian superhero, she will speak to audiences in some of the most important emerging markets in the world, that the previous (very American) three have not – Beyonder the Indian Subcontinent – Beyonder Muslim majority countries – Beyonder just females in Asian countries – to the One Above All, and then some!

Ok, maybe too many Marvel Comic – Beyonder / One Above All – puns….sorry?

The characters of Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Wonder Woman, represent two very American groups; African-Americans and Afro-Futurism, and Strong Females that fit into the idea of American Patriotism with both characters associated with the American armed forces. Kamala’s Khan’s Ms. Marvel speaks beyond just American idealism and see the changing connectiveness of the world itself.

Kevin Feige in an interview last year stated that, Ms. Marvel would be joining the MCU but it would occur after the introduction of Captain Marvel. As Kamala Khan is directly linked to Carol Danvers; Captain Marvel herself.

This link is not by direct association of the characters being related, in some form or another. Nor by inheriting her powers directly from Carol Danvers or in the same fashion as her, but by the fact that Kamala Khan looked up to Carol Danvers as an icon and personal hero / inspiration.

Driving Kamala Khan to take up Captain Marvel‘s original mantle of Ms. Marvel. Something not touched upon in the recent MCU movie, nor was there any Easter Egg to either Kamala Khan or the mantel of Ms. Marvel in the film.

We should not be expecting to see either Kamala Khan as a pre-powered teen, in her own solo outing, but possibly in the Captain Marvel sequel or another Phase 4 MCU film such as The Eternals.

It could literally be years before even the announcement of the actress who would be cast in the part, let alone the release date of the movie she will introduced in; let alone, yet again, her own solo outing.

The question we are faced with, as we wait for the above news to be released (at Comic Con later this month?) is if Ms. Marvel will be an Inhuman – as she gains her powers from latent Inhuman genes in the comics – or if her powers will derive from somewhere else?

Like, The Eternals.

Jack Kirby's The Eternals

The Eternals was Jack Kirby’s return to Marvel Comics after an unprecedented stint at DC Comics, and creating the New Gods & Fourth World, that is currently under development by Ava DuVernay for the DCEU. Or whatever they are calling it now!

Marvel Legacy #1 introduced Avengers 1,00,000 BC featuring Earth’s very first Mightiest Heroes: the original Ghost Rider, Black Panther, Starbrand, and Phoenix, along with Earth’s first Sorcerer Supreme Agamotto, and Odin wielding Thor’s mighty Mjolnir hammer.

This plotline introduce the origins of the Marvel Comics superheroes, while also introducing the concept of why Earth’s Mightiest Heroes came to be in the first place. The Celestials.

Avengers 1,000,000 BC face a dead Celestials.

As I have argued before that this introduction of Avengers 1,000,000 BC and the Celestials link in the comics, is designed specifically to fit into the upcoming Phase 4 and Phase 5 of the MCU, and it is why The Eternals is soon to begin production. If it has not already.

Along with, why Kevin Feige has officially mentioned that Ms. Marvel will be joining the MCU in the foreseeable future. As Kamala Khan’s powers may not stem from being an Inhuman, but somehow connected to genetically engineered Eternals by the Celestials themselves – a god-like entities that are the oldest in existence in the Marvel Universe.

The Eternals, like the New Gods and Fourth World of DC, were not meant to be apart of the streamline 616 continuity, but like New Gods, after Jack Kirby’s initial run. They were integrated into the larger shared universe that is Marvel, just like characters like Darkseid became integral parts of the DC canon.

The Inhumans are another creation of the great Jack Kirby, and like The Eternals, they are genetically engineered by a cosmic race, the Kree – introduced in Captain Marvel.

The similarities here opens up the possibilities of having Kamala Khan having latent DNA, or the like, from The Eternals rather than that of Inhuman. As Celestials are already established characters in the MCU being introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy.

This approach is also supported by the fact that Thanos himself, as a Titanian, is directly connected to The Eternals. In the storylines continued after Jack Kirby’s original run, The Eternals were further molded into the Marvel 616 canon. With connections being directly made to other established characters such as Thor, and later the Kree.

Building upon a new threat that is greater and more destructive, in the complete annihilation of Earth compared to just half of the world’s population by Thanos himself – in the form of the Celestials – creating an even larger overarching threat going forward in Phase 4 and Beyond. Than the Mad Titan himself was in Phases 1 through 3.

Connecting Kamala Khan’s origin to The Eternals would also established an opportunity for Chris Hemsworth to continue on as Thor beyond The Avengers and Ragnarok.

As his character has threads linking him directly to The Eternals in the comics, that can bring them to Earth in the MCU. Along with keeping around a character who has just now found his footing in the cinematic world.

The Kree being introduced in Captain Marvel, and The Eternals coming out in 2020, will allow for a soft-reintroduction of The Inhumans in the official MCU – I have argued before that Marvel TV lies in an undisclosed multiverse on several occasions – while giving fans enough time to forget that failed attempt on ABC.

Not only will Ms. Marvel play a larger than anticipated role in the MCU, linking together not only new characters but overarching stories that will move the MCU forward beyond Phase 4. She will be the most important character in terms of diversity seen so-far in a superhero movie.

Diversity in the superhero genre that had only begun with the releases Wonder WomanBlack Panther, and Captain Marvel, and Kamala Khan will speak to all of these underserved groups, females and African-Americans, and then some.

Stay Tuned China Watchers!

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